Welcome to the Prayer Plan Your Life™ 10-Day Challenge with Linda Fields

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The Prayer Plan Your Life™ 10-Day Challenge will help you integrate the practice of prayer planning as a daily habit.

You'll have Linda Fields guiding you as your coach through a series of daily emails. You'll also have access to our Prayer Plan Your Life™ Masterclass and Mastermind, a private Facebook group just for members. 

Watching the video Masterclass, completing the daily steps in the emails, and checking in on Facebook to share your progress and cheer others on will help you get the most from your Prayer Plan Your Life™ experience.

You've probably got a lot going on in your work and life right now. We understand, and it's important to make room for your future in your life each day. Decide now to invest a few minutes in the mornings and in the evenings to prayer plan your life. You don't have to get it perfect, just get it going. God will help.


Step 1: Request access to the private Mastermind Group (on Facebook) 

Click here to access to the private Facebook group

First, log into Facebook.

Then click the "Join Group" button to request access. 

You will receive a message from Facebook when your access is granted.

Step 2: Complete the 10-Day Challenge

You will receive a series of step-by-step coaching emails from Linda over the next ten days to guide you through the process.

Please check your inbox now. If you do not have the welcome email, please contact us using the customer support email address on this page.

Step 3: Prayer Plan Your Life™ daily

Prayer Plan Your Life™ is a daily habit that brings greater clarity, focus, and fulfillment into your life.

Use your Journal daily and share your progress in the Mastermind group to encourage others.


If you have ever have a question or need help with anything, please email support@prayerplanyourlife.com.


Prayer Plan Your Life™ Mastermind Group

Click here to request access to the private group 

Prayer Plan Your Life™ Daily Focus Journal

Your physical Journal will be shipped within two business days. Please allow up to seven business days for delivery.

Prayer Plan Your Life™ Video Masterclass

Inside the Facebook group, look for and click the tab labeled "Units" to find the Masterclass videos.

10-Day Challenge Coaching with Linda Fields

Check your inbox for your welcome email from Linda, the first of the ten emails you will receive.

Find Your Why Forward

If you added Find Your Why Forward to your order, you'll get a separate email with instructions to access the course.

Bonuses and Updates

Prayer Plan Your Life™ Coach Training Webinar. We will post an update in the Facebook group to access this special training webinar showing you ways to use Prayer Plan Your Life™ in a group (couple, family, business, etc.).

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